Hsiao-Mei HO

Artistic director of MeimageDance. The 19th National Award for Arts. Professor of the Dance Department, Taipei National University of the Arts. Curriculum consultant at Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’s studio.

HO’s work “Camouflage,” commissioned by The National Theater and Concert Hall in 2015, was also performed at Beijing Dance Festival; at the same year, UCLA invited her along with the company to perform “Camouflage” shorter version and to promote performing arts at the Workshop for Department of World Arts and Cultures. In 2014, she choreographed for “Above Taiwan Concert.” Her choreography “My Dear” (2013) won the Taishin Arts Award, and “Beyond the Pale” (2011), and “Woo! Barbie” (2010) were nominated for the pioneering award supporting Taiwanese artists. In 2009, “Middle” was invited to perform at International Organization of Stenographers Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT) in Seoul, Korea. In 2006, Hong Kong Dance Festival invited her to present “My Freud.” Her work “The Covered Picture” was invited to Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival in 2001. In 2000, she served as the rehearsal director for Cloud Gate 2; also, she was a dancer as well as visiting choreographer for Cloud Gate. In 1995, HO was invited to be the commission choreographer at the American Dance Festival.

Hsiao-Mei HO’s early works were inspired by Taiwanese folk culture, exploring the cultural image of the Taiwanese and reflecting on the current social situation, using art as social commentary. Her works were often thought-provoking, reflecting Taiwan’s turbulence and diversity, with its underlying silence and intensity. At the present stage, she is famous for using strong and unique visual effect on stage to present human inner thoughts in modern society.