New Choreographer Project

Initiated in 2011, “New Choreographer” is a project for dancers scattered abroad. Founded by Taiwanese choreographer Hsiao-Mei Ho and based on the intention of showing care for young Taiwanese dancer ‘vagabonds’, “New Choreographer” has been held for five consecutive years, inviting in total 14 outstanding expats home.
Those exceptional expat dancers lead their lives abroad with the perseverance and spirit of Taiwanese youngsters, focusing on the stage they strive hard to get; on the other hand, “New Choreographer” aims to build a platform in the homeland for them to return to the roots and receive support and applause. Friends and family are also given a precious opportunity to express their pride.

Within a short period of six years, the seeds planted by “New Choreographer” have sprouted – every one of each dancer who participated displayed unique character; they showed new direction of development in the Taiwanese art circle, got involved in new domains, and played important roles at major performances in the country.
Moreover, they translated their experiences abroad through the language of dance, stepping onto the world stage from a choreographer’s perspective.
Dispersed around the globe, the dancers would continue onto their varied journeys, but all are advancing on the path of their dance dreams. 


Since 2015, “New Choreographer” began the “Bring Friends Home” movement, allowing even more creativity to be integrated with culture on the new platform, encouraging the young generation to develop interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-cultural competitiveness.
In 2017, the project took one step further, returning to Yilan – the hometown of both the Art Director Hsiao-Mei Ho and one of the dancers 董柏霖, bringing the dream of dancing closer and closer to home.

Every year midsummer in the future, we expect to establish more stages to welcome more homebound new choreographers and hope for more people to join the group.
For young dancers who are ready to venture overseas and dancers currently abroad, “New Choreographer” is like an index, pointing towards both the path forward and the way home. 


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